Monday, December 1, 2008

A few days after the antibiotic

We often take medicine when we sick. Drugs that can be given various kinds. For example, when someone is sick Respiratory infection, urinary infection or the other, will usually be given antibiotics prescribed by doctors.
There are some people experience constipation drinks a few days after the antibiotics. In addition, this is usually caused by antibiotics can disrupt the balance of the colon.
Colon functions to accommodate the remaining food with the arrest of food waste. Moreover, at that time the water and electrolyte absorption into the body.
However, if the function of the colon is not running normally, the remaining food substances will harden and dry so that can cause constipation.
If the constipation continues, colon cleanse may be the choice it must first consult with the doctors concerned, because not all people can do colon cleanse. Because some drugs that doctor will not react if you do colon cleanse

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