Friday, December 26, 2008

Carry garbage bags to everywhere

In the gut, the food will be digested. Trash will be disposed of digestion to large intestine. What will happen if the colon cleanse you are not correct? Maybe you will become into garbage bags. Garbage bags, food waste will be carried wherever you go. In fact, we often feel disgusted bring the smell of garbage bags.
As we know, is a garbage bag nest disease. Imagine, a bag of food waste that already spends a day not cleaned. You will find the disease there. Similarly, if you do not colon cleanse correctly. Be it your colon will be the source of the disease. Especially when, the food you eat food that is slow work intestine. Your gut will keep that food longer.
As a solution, you can avoid waste to spend a day slump. You can select the food is good for your gut. Do not leave your garbage disposal for the delay in your gut. In addition, once you do, you can cleanse the colon. Do not forget to ask the expert practitioner first.

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