Monday, May 11, 2009

Many Vegetables

Today I read health magazines. There is an article about a doctor has illness colon cancer. Early symptoms are diarrhea and feces is not regular. But as busy, he does not check up. After his feces contain blood he do a new check-up.
The results of a survey, he was exposed to colon cancer.
This enables all people to know, colon cancer can be about anyone. Although a doctor. All people can get colon cancer. We must be more attention to eating patterns. Many vegetables. Many fruit. We must avoid foods that contain lots of sugar, coconut milk, pepper.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Feces of Healthy

Every day we defecate. However, we should be aware, do our feces have the quality or not. Defecate that has the quality of the feces is healthy.
A healthy form of feces is not hard, not fluid, shaped.
Out many, big volume.
Color: yellow, brown. Depending on what we eat.
Smell: fragrant, smell aseton.
We must be vigilant if the color is black, maybe we have disease.Vegetables and fruit helps to create a healhty feces and have the quality.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I have a friend, he often fasting for health. After he explained to me the benefits of fasting, I understand. According to him, when we fast, our tool digestion are given the opportunity to rest.
With the rest of his digestion, the body will remove the poison, sewage and waste, that accumulate in the colon. In addition, because the digestion in this situation rest, the cells in the body's organs will update itself.
He also said, resistance to its body becomes stronger.
I've never tried fasting. But, I ever try to eat fruit and vegetables in just one day. Its results, the next day my guts out like cleanse, I feel relieved. I think is like doing colon cleanse. I have become light. Finally, I tried for two days. After two days my body weight down two kilogram. A health professional ever said that this is a way for detoxification.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Blood in the Hard Feces

Aware when there is blood after removing the hard feces. Perhaps you have a sign of hemorrhoids. In normal circumstances, will not be hard feces. Hard feces can injure your anus channel. Hard feces is also a poison in your body.
You should not let your feces be hard. The best way is, defecation every day. With the defecation each day, feces in the bowel will not accumulate and become hard.
Keep your colon health. In addition to feces each day, add drinking water, until you do not lack water. Many eating fiber is also very helpful.
Aware when there is blood in your feces, it is not a normal thing. Mostly when accompanied with the bulge that cause pain in your anus. Preventing is better than the treat. Still maintain healthy colon will make your life better. Do not leave your colon full of poison. Colon cleanse can be an option for you.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Nutrient in The Body

When intestine dirty, preventing absorption of food will be nutritious. So that the colon cleanse is a good choice to make the inclusion of nutritious food.
Human gut more comfortable with fibrous food. Not so good if excessive eating meat, without the fibrous food.
But unfortunately it, nowadays, the food contains less fiber, less natural. In addition, many foods also contain substances coloring, preservative, which can become toxic. And can create the nutrient reduced. Thus, doing colon cleanse will help.
However, that must be observed, may not make excessive colon cleanse. Because of damage to the intestine. Read the rules of each product is wise. Alternatively, to consult experts before colon cleanse when there is deviation.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Bad Bacteria And Good Bacteria

In the gut, there are bad bacteria and good bacteria. Good bacteria will protect colon attack from bad bacteria. The bacteria can protect the intestine so defecation becomes regularly .General for good bacteria are called lactobacillus and bifidobacterium.
What will happen if the bad bacteria excessive? Of course, there will be a disruption, interference light to heavy. Usually, there is a complaint, a full stomach, stomatitis, constipation, diarrhea, stomach pain, and other serious diseases. Such as colon cancer.
Resistance body will be weak. The body is exposed to the disease easily. We need to prevent that does not become worse. The bacteria will be worse if we eat too much, food that is not already so healthy. If it happen, colon cleanse can be an option.
In addition to colon cleanse, now there are many drinks contain probiotik. This beverage contains good bacteria. Where, good bacteria will banish bad bacteria.

Monday, January 5, 2009

The Truth about Colon Cleanse

The Truth about Colon Cleanse by Kerry L. Evertt
Weight Loss: Many people do lose weight during their colon cleanse. By simply following the plan, many people naturally lose shed weight.
The first group to come up with the idea of auto-intoxication, that is the idea that food can get trapped in the intestine and colon and rot, thus causing damage and bloating, were the Ancient Egyptians. The Ancient Greeks picked up on this, and further expanded the idea and the treatments associated with it. This practice has continued up to modern day, and is still relatively common.
Parasites: Having parasites is much more common than many people realize. The herbs in our colon cleanse are designed to kill and remove parasites from the digestive tract.
Why don't people get enough dietary fiber? Convenience foods, which make up much of what Americans eat, are very lower in fiber. Anything from fast food to the frozen section of the grocery store is typically low in fiber, and so this supplement can help you stay healthy without having to sacrifice the foods you like. Combined with exercise, these colon cleansing supplements can get you on the path to living a healthier, happier life. Customers typically feel better about themselves and their bodies, find themselves in a better mood for longer periods of time, and even experience more restful sleep. One of the greatest things about these dietary supplements is that they are cheaply available, and through the mail. Most of these supplements offer a risk-free trial, for only the price of shipping. That means thirty days of a clean colon without any of the health risks associated with enemas or herbal poultices, and for only the cost of the gas it takes for a trip to the pharmacy. You have nothing to lose, except for literally pounds of harmful toxic waste that gets lodged in every digestive system after a matter of time.
Kerry L. Evertt is a Health & Nutrition Consultant. Before purchasing any colon cleanse product I would highly recommend visiting Colon Cleanse products reviews. You can also click here for Article Submissions.
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