Monday, February 9, 2009

Blood in the Hard Feces

Aware when there is blood after removing the hard feces. Perhaps you have a sign of hemorrhoids. In normal circumstances, will not be hard feces. Hard feces can injure your anus channel. Hard feces is also a poison in your body.
You should not let your feces be hard. The best way is, defecation every day. With the defecation each day, feces in the bowel will not accumulate and become hard.
Keep your colon health. In addition to feces each day, add drinking water, until you do not lack water. Many eating fiber is also very helpful.
Aware when there is blood in your feces, it is not a normal thing. Mostly when accompanied with the bulge that cause pain in your anus. Preventing is better than the treat. Still maintain healthy colon will make your life better. Do not leave your colon full of poison. Colon cleanse can be an option for you.

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