Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Water that can help your colon health

Water is required to solve intestinal solid food. Food that cannot be split through the intestine. From the intestine will be made more compact to be removed. If there is, a lot of water will help the movement of food it cannot be split. This water as a lubricant. In the colon, water, which was brought again will be absorbed by the body when the body dehydration. This will make movement of the remaining food is not good and the food will be hard. There was constipated. With much drinking water will be a smooth colon movement. In addition to water, also need food fiber. This fibrous food can hold water. If dehydration continues will cause cancer and colon cancer rectum.
Do not ever pause to drink water when thirsty. Especially if the less fruit and vegetables. In addition, water to drink is pure water. Drink coffee, milk, tea, soda is not included in it. With this, your colon health will be preserved.

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