Friday, November 28, 2008

Enemas for colon cleanse

Enemas sometimes used by health practitioners for colon cleanse. In the colon cleanse enema was used to inject liquids such as using special equipment.
However, there is also enema equipment that can be use at home. Many people knew better than laxative. Many have to prove that the enema can help their constipation problems. They also believe that the accumulation of feces in the gut they can cause toxicity, so necessary in detoxification with colon cleanse.
Colon Cleansing with an enema removes this toxin, thus having an amazing effect on health.
However, the need to be taken is to hygiene and safety equipment of an enema, which will be used and consider how to use the correct, if you want to use it at home.
Always consult your doctor if you to want to start a colon cleanse, especially if you have abdominal pain, pregnancy and other serious diseases that are currently in the supervision of doctors.

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