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All Natural Way To Cleanse Colon - 3 Important Things To Know Before You Do A Colon Cleanse

All Natural Way To Cleanse Colon - 3 Important Things To Know Before You Do A Colon Cleanse
By []Emily Belllows

What is the best way to cleanse your colon?

Some people think that if they use enemas, suppositories and chemical laxatives they will clean up their colon. Unfortunately these methods only cleanse a small portion of the colon and will not give you the benefits you get with a complete colon cleanse. Why is that? Because these methods only cleanse and empty the rectum (the tail end of the digestive system) and not the entire five foot intestine.

In my experience with all of the different colon cleanse methods the one that gives me the most complete cleanse and is doctor formulated and recommended is an oxygen based colon cleanse. This method is so simple to take (just a few vegetarian capsules - no mixing or measuring any concoctions!). The oxygen colon cleanse melts the toxic waste build up and removes it through painless bowel movements that do not keep me chained to the restroom for days as other products had done.

What can you do BEFORE you cleanse to get the best results when doing a cleanse?

Begin eating a more healthy balanced diet (more fruits and vegetables) and drink lots of water. Also get some exercise - start with a simple walking program to get yourself moving. Avoiding caffeine and alcohol and meat during a cleanse will also help you get better results.

What can I expect from a colon cleanse?

After you have done a complete oxygen colon cleanse - you may feel like I do: I feel awesome and refreshed. My mind is more clear, my energy levels have increased and I always lose some weight (yea!). I do an oxygen colon cleanse regularly and the results are always positive.

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