Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Quality of your life and colon cleanse

You can live until 100 years, but it becomes useless if you do not have quality of your life. You must optimize your quality life so that you can enjoy your life until your 100 age.
To optimize quality of your life there is a part of aging theory that the free radical in your body becomes the cause of your aging.
You can reduce the free radical with either way like colon cleanse. With detoxification, you can clear your accumulated toxins in your body.
To have quality of your life, you can change your lifestyle by eat less sugar, chemical, and other that can make your toxin become excessive. Other than you change your lifestyle you can do a colon cleanse too. It is not make difficulties do colon cleanse right now than you have bad quality of your life.
After you change your eat habit and do a colon cleanse you must exercise too such jogging or fitness to optimize your quality life.

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