Monday, May 11, 2009

Many Vegetables

Today I read health magazines. There is an article about a doctor has illness colon cancer. Early symptoms are diarrhea and feces is not regular. But as busy, he does not check up. After his feces contain blood he do a new check-up.
The results of a survey, he was exposed to colon cancer.
This enables all people to know, colon cancer can be about anyone. Although a doctor. All people can get colon cancer. We must be more attention to eating patterns. Many vegetables. Many fruit. We must avoid foods that contain lots of sugar, coconut milk, pepper.


kani said...

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roxanne said...

I agree with you. When it comes to colon health vegetables and fruits has a great help. We must change our eating habit if we want to achieve a good health and colon far from colon disease. It could also help if once in a while, consider a colon cleanse